Pheromone Perfume
Pheromone Perfume
Pheromone Perfume
Pheromone Perfume
Pheromone Perfume
Pheromone Perfume
Pheromone Perfume
Pheromone Perfume
Pheromone Perfume
Pheromone Perfume
Pheromone Perfume
Pheromone Perfume
Pheromone Perfume
Pheromone Perfume
Pheromone Perfume
Pheromone Perfume

Pheromone Perfume

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Dr. Elizabeth’s Revolutionary Pheromone Product Is Dropping A Bomb to Relationship Hardships

Dr. Gillian Elizabeth, the renowned Pheromone therapist, is under spotlight with her latest pheromone product that has significantly saved thousands of broken marriages and relationships. In just a short 6 months, Dr. Elizabeth's product has completely disrupted the Pheromone industry in the United States and Canada, and are now ready to take over the world market.

But this wasn't Dr. Elizabeth's first go-around with her pheromone line. She originally started the company in early 2020 after being fed-up with Big Relationship and Marriage Counseling Companies taking advantage of innocent people with limited budgets.

“I was dealing with my brokening marriage that lasted for 7 years. My husband and I did not feel attracted to each other and got intimate after the birth of our third kid. We love each other mentally but we just do not feel physically attracted. Many of my friends suggested seeking help from those counseling groups that claim to assist in relationship or marriage hardship, but hardly did the relationship improve even with thousands of money paid,” Dr Elizabeth shared.

“Advice from counselors can ease mental hardship sometimes, but does not work case by case, especially when sexual attraction is taken an essential role in maintaining long term relationship. Platonic love does not work for every relationship but the sad truth is most Counseling Companies' could care less because that just means more sales for them!” She leads her investigation team to pull efforts in inventing a pheromone essential oil that could reboost physical attraction naturally.

“Numerous studies indicate that pheromone oil can have a positive impact on how people see you and heighten the sexual responsiveness in woman. According to a study made in 2017, Androstenedione, a naturally occurring pheromone in male sweat glands increases attraction and relaxes the human brain. In another study made in 2015,  both musk and Androstenedione produced positive and pleasant reactions, particularly in women.” Dr. Elizabeth explained.

“Me myself, I felt a huge difference within days! It was an instant hit amongst my fans but the counseling companies quickly took notice and in came the lawsuits and threats. Their profits were noticeably dropping as my company hit almost a million bottles sold in only a few months! We didn't anticipate the high volume. But people were coming back month after month for more. It was just that good! Not everyone is fortunate enough to afford expensive counseling cost and have so result." Says Dr. Elizabeth.

In order to test the validity of the pheromone essential oil, they decided to take a volunteer from their production crews. Meet Morilla Constances, a 48 year old mother of 2 who jumped at the chance to test this product.


Morilla is a 48 year old, who had passed her menopause three years ago. We had to wait 2 weeks before we got a bottle of pheromone essential oil to test as it was sold out almost everywhere we looked. We had her track her progress for the 7-day test.




I had no sex with my hushand for at least 2 years (if i didn’t mess it up) and we seldom sleep together after my two son grew up. Honestly I doubted the impact of our pheromone essential oil on me, who has passed my menopause already. I just applied it on my body as the same as applying perfume and had dinner with my husband. We watched a movie together on the sofa and all of a sudden he sat closer and closer and even hugged me. It was strange to me because we normally just sit on our own side and don’t even want to touch each other. He kept trying to make me sit on his lag and hug him. He started rubbing me and I felt so sensitive. I didn't have such feelings for years and didn't expect this type of behavior from him until I had an “ah ha” moment when I realized this came from the pheromones in this fragrance.


We did it, last night. I thought I was caught in the matrix or at least stuck in the twilight zone during that time because I had never really seen him get that aggressive, even a few years ago lol. And we had a deep talk this morning, about our anxiety and hardships throughout these years. We couldn’t deny that we still have love between us but it easily turned into the love of family without physical intimacy. Our relationship improved A LOT after the talk. He kept trying to kiss all over me. And I was so into it. I felt like I loved him more than the day we got married lmao.


I truly don’t know how to express my thankfulness for this product. I have to say that this stuff really did increase our sex life, we had five hot nights throughout this week GOSHHH. My partner is having a lot more sex with me. He is still confused about why. He was always had a lower than average sex drive so this burst of sexual energy is even shocking him now. But we are enjoying it and loving each other more as if we are in our 20s. I can only say everything can be solved on the bed. LOLLLL



The Pheromone Essential Oil has been found to have a significant impact on sensuality and sexuality. It  is made with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients and gender-friendly pheromones, the lightly fragranced oil absorbs quickly and leaves skin soft to the touch.

Major Benefits Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Intense physical appeal to others
  • Heighten sense of joy and comfort
  • Increase sexual responsiveness
  • Boost sensuality feeling and relax human brain
  • Captivating Scent For Men & Women
  • Improve interpersonal attractions



“This arrived today and I had ordered it without telling the Mister because I wanted to see if it really works. I put it on, hugged and kissed him when he came home from work. A few minutes later he was all over me cuddling. (Not typical!) I went shopping for a while and came home and put it on again. Hugged him again. A few minutes later he was all over me AGAIN!

Long story short, I got laid the first day with this stuff. Highly recommend! Lol

Btw, nobody paid me or coerced me into making this review. I felt I should share this excellent outcome with anyone that was curious like I was! :)”

“So I’ll preface by saying I don’t have trouble attracting partners. But this stuff seems to tip things over the edge. I find that it enhances chemistry in both directions though...I’ll have it on and feel serious electricity with someone. Then I’ll see them again without it and it’s nowhere near as powerful. I’ve accidentally worn it when I re-wear clothes from days I’ve used it and the effect is the same. I’m a believer!”

“As a server I interact with many people on a daily basis. I also have a pretty clear way to tell whether or not this product works. On days I wore this to work, my tips were considerably higher on a regular basis. On a slow night when I historically have made between 50 and 70 dollars I will make upwards of 100 dollars when I wear this fragrance. My significant other is more attentive and intimate, and I am asked for my number way more frequently with this on. This is the only fragrance I buy now, in a store when I don’t want to wait for it to ship and from amazon if I think ahead and order before I run out. I have tried multiple other pheromone fragrances with no results.”


    • Material: Natural Essential Oil

    • Size: 10 ml

    Package Includes:

    • Pheromone Perfume